Live video dating service

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Quickly meet other singles before making the commitment to meet in person.

We are all about creating higher quality interactions between people.

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Research shows that first impressions are formed within 17 seconds of meeting someone new.

But some argue users won't flock to the video chat because their all-important first impression could be marred by bad lighting or poor camera angles that create an unflattering image.Make the step to your dream to find your soul mate. var login Language Array = { "language": { "error_email_required": "Please enter your email address.", "error_email_invalid": "Your email address is invalid.That's why the website View N Me, which is preparing its app, offers tips for looking your best on video, says co-founder Lindsey Lachman of New York.The business models vary, but free to the user is a common thread for the video experience.

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