Funny comic strips about dating

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BD's helmet changed from having a "Y" (for Yale) to a star (for the fictional Walden College).Mike and BD started Doonesbury as roommates; they were not roommates in Bull Tales.In the comic, Schultz explored topical events like the Vietnam War as well as religion and gender issues.He won the coveted Reuben from the National Cartoonist Society in both 19. Garfield, 1978–present Creator Jim Davis likes to say that people relate to Garfield because he's a human in a cat suit.

In the tradition of the social media web comics we recently brought you, here are 15 fabulous online cartoon sites and series that are perfect for geeks.

I'm going to call Jered for lunch, so he'll be thinking about me!

He wants it to be a long date, instead of just lunch! Jered: Well, I'm going out of town this weekend to visit an old college buddy. Well, it was nice talking with you have a good night. )When she's not attracted to someone: Staci: Oh, I totally agree, but to take it even a step further, I would say Smith is didactic and reflective of today's political climate.

It's hard to imagine Sunday mornings without the comics section of the newspaper.

Though strips date as far back as the late 19th century, it wasn't until the 1900s that the format we're familiar with today—using artistic devices like word balloons for speech and dramatic character expressions—was developed.

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