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But when it’s clear that a group endorses those viewpoints, that’s another matter, she said.

Pacifica Forum’s founder, retired UO professor Orval Etter, now living in an assisted living facility in south Eugene, said Thursday that the list is “a lot of rubbish.” The annual list is based on information gathered for the law center’s Intelligence Project from hate group publications, citizen reports, law enforcement agencies, field sources and news reports.

Pacifica Forum is listed as a white nationalist group, and is the only one in Oregon under that category.

The list contains six other hate groups in the state, all in the Portland area, in other categories.

The “Leela” is an exotic second addition to Boogie and the Beach’s store.

Three thin straps cross on the upper back, forming a sleek and certain X.





Inviting Holocaust deniers, white separatists and those with anti-Semitic viewpoints to speak is one thing, Beirich said Thursday.

“White nationalist groups espouse white supremacist or white separatist ideologies, often focusing on the alleged inferiority of nonwhites,” according to the list.

A billboard for a dating website solely for white people has appeared by a roadside in Utah.

Balkarska sought to create a bikini that active women could wear from day to night.

Whether while doing yoga underneath palm trees at dawn, catching some mid-day sun on the sand, or out dancing in the dark, the bikinis were made to be a multi-purpose fashion staple, an item that could take on many roles and always draw “wows” from the crowd. The first design, called “Thanu,” features an unconventional take on the typically conservative halter top.

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