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SINGAPORE - Over three years, a 22-year-old man posed as an ex-schoolmate of young boys aged 12 to 14 and persuaded them to consume between 10 to 20 laxative pills as part of a fictitious school experiment.When the boys suffered from severe vomiting and diarrhoea, Sean Chew Jun Yang would ask for photos and videos of their vomit and faeces, which he used to fulfil his sexual fantasies.He adopted several monikers on two Facebook accounts and pretended to be their primary school friend.

He targeted his first group of victims, then aged between 12 and 14, by first befriending them on Facebook in early May 2012.When these hormones circulate in the blood, they can cause symptoms of carcinoid syndrome, which is discussed later.The important characteristic of carcinoid tumors that sets them apart from other gastrointestinal tract tumors is their potential to cause the carcinoid syndrome.And I’ve seen abandoned cheetah cubs, lost and chirping for their mothers.That’s really hard.”This is the view of nature that Hilborn sees during her field work—raw, unforgiving, and uncensored.

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