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I know too well how frustrating the attempt to survive the dating game in the West can be. And no, I am not saying this because every girl will jump in bed with you right after the first “hi”. You have to work on your profile and connect with her the right way before she’ll be ready to meet you (more on that later).

Radical feminists who try to convince you that everything you do is harassment and girls that are so manly that you don’t even want to go on dates anymore. Meeting intelligent and educated women who are at the same time breathtakingly beautiful and feminine is not impossible. I am sure the last thing you want is to end up with a girl who says “yes” to everyone.

Maybe you have read in one of my articles that I have a beautiful, intelligent and supportive girlfriend who was born and raised in the Land of Smiles and that I experience every day.

Up until about a year ago I was obsessed with online dating.

I'm one of those guys that were the pioneers of online dating as far back as '97 I was hooking up with girls online my friends were laughing at the idea.

It's one of those sites that you can explore everyday yet still make fresh faced discoveries.

Each model typically has more than 6 high quality photosets commonly with over 100 photos per set (many having upwards of 30 sets).

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