Carbon 14 dating innacuracies cat girl dating games

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This should resemble a geometric proof, so for one statement to be true, the perquisite must be true with valid reason.I argue your statement, "Evolution is based on scientific facts." Give me one just three facts that fully support your evolution theory.But in 1988, radiocarbon dating concluded it was a medieval hoax.

In addition to appearing in the program, I also provided the producers with access to the interviews I shot with Ray Rogers in 2004, less than a year before his death.

Lets keep the first round short and sweet for a basic introduction of the topic at hand.

There will be no insults or offensive comments towards another's beliefs.

The Bible's Genesis provides no scientific fact other than simply taking the word of an ancient book, where the religion's followers have picked and chose whatever beliefs they sought fit to their agenda of providing a moral standard.

The scientific evidence provided is flawed in that the perquisites for any evolutionary process to occur is immediately denied, ie, the age of the earth.

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